My name is Roger Miller and as you can see, I love the outdoors, our country and every once in a while, when I have time, I like to have fun. I co-own with my wife Vicki, Atlas Custom Crates. I was born in Athens, Al in 1965. In 1972 my family moved to the small community of Reid. I graduated from Tanner High School in 1983. My first experience with woodwork began in a Vocation class and I really enjoyed it.
   Upon graduating high school I spent four years in the United States Army. At the end of my service I moved back to Athens and began working at a local building supply company where over the next twenty years I would learn more about woodworking and carpentry. In 2011 my wife Vicki and I started the business venture that is now Atlas Custom Crates.
   We build custom made shipping crates and various other woodworking projects. For us this is both a business and a hobby. We take great pride in everything we do. Each product we make is of the utmost in quality. We pay very close attention to detail in all facets of the building process and would love to have your business should you find yourself in need of our services.

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